Men's Interstate Leather Jacket

Men's Interstate Leather Jacket
Made of 1.1-1.3MM hand selected and corrected grain leather. If the hide used to create this leather has a scar or scratch, the imperfections are eliminated. This process makes the garment less pliable and a bit stiffer when first purchased. The more the garment is worn, the more it conforms to your body. This collection is a great choice for the consumer who favors an increased degree of quality while still taking price into consideration.

Men's Classic Ryder Jacket  I1011
Regular price: $311.95
Sale price: $165.95
Gangster Jacket (I5015)
Regular price: $263.95
Sale price: $199.95
Men's Rebel Jacket (I5373)
Regular price: $347.95
Sale price: $204.95